Hi, I'm Ben

Alta Sustainability Leadership Award

Recognizing excellence in leadership for the health of our community and planet.

About Me

I build hardware and software tools that improve our understanding of the world. My work involves atmospheric modeling, data mining, machine learning, HPC and cloud computing, server/network administration, and hardware and software development for measurement data systems.

I've designed trace gas and air quality measurement systems and analysis frameworks for Google Street View cars, Salt Lake City's TRAX light-rail system, a van based mobile laboratory, and a network of autonomous sites operating in Northern Utah. These data paired with atmospheric models are used to quantify the urban carbon cycle, spatially correlate pollution exposure with cardiovascular and respiratory illness, estimate bulk methane fluxes from developing oil and gas basins, and examine chemical processes driving the formation of aerosol pollutants.

When I'm not working, you can find me skiing or climbing mountains.


Here's a selection of work that I'm proud of

Stochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport Model

An open source lagrangian particle dispersion model

Tracer Simulations

Simulates transport and dispersion of a stochastic particle ensemble

Kernel Based Smoothing

Gaussian kernel algorithm to distribute influence field

Scalable Parallelizatin

Methods for single node and SLURM cluster parallelization

WRF and HRRR Friendly

Compatible with popular meteorological data products

STILT Webpage

Nerdmobile mobile laboratory

Van-based mobile laboratory for pollution measurement campaigns

Mobile Measurement Lab

Automated measurement systems map pollutant exposure and trace gas concentrations

Operator Dashboards

iPad app controls measurement systems and displays real-time measurements and diagnostics

TRAX Light-rail air quality measurements

Air quality and trace gas measurements on Salt Lake City's light rail system

Ongoing Measurements

Autonomous mobile laboratory for urban air quality and trace gas measurements

Mapping Urban Pollution

Long term trends reveal areas with consistently higher pollutant concentrations

Visualization Dashboards and Technical Utilities

Trace gas and air quality data utilities available at air.utah.edu

Interactive Visualizations

Over 10 years of scientific grade measurements made available to the public

Technical Diagnostics

Technical dashboards and interactive utilities to monitor measurement network status

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