Picture of Ben Fasoli

Hi! I'm Ben 👋

I build data and modeling systems to answer questions about our world.



Atmospheric dispersion modeling

Stochastic Time Inverted Lagrangian Transport model simulates the dispersion of pollution and greenhouse gases through the atmosphere.

Google Street View

Vehicle based air quality monitoring

Cloud integrated pollution observation and modeling systems to evaluate exposure across communities.

Uinta Basin Methane

Oil + gas production monitoring

Longest public in-situ methane record of any oil and gas production region used to model infrastructure leakage rates.


Light-rail based air quality monitoring

Air quality and trace gas measurements on Salt Lake City's light rail system, mapping pollution exposure daily.


Utah Atmospheric Trace gas & Air Quality lab

Real time air quality and trace gas monitoring with 10+ years of high precision measurements and network monitoring tools.

Air Trend

Declarative multi-device data logging

Open source data logging for parallel communication with RS232 based measurement arrays.